Case History:

48 yo female with LBP and R Leg Pain

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Linda Simon, DC
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Patient presented with pain in her low back (7/10) radiating into her right buttock, lateral thigh, lateral leg and top of foot. She stated that she was at home and seated when she twisted right to react to a loud noise and felt immediate pain in her low back. She further stated that she felt “twisted” and “stuck”. This patient described the pain as constant with intermittent exacerbations. She is a pharmacist and unable to return to work with this level of pain. This patient waited a few days before seeking care. She used ice on the area but it did not help. NSAIDS only reduced the pain level for a few hours.


This patient was limping favoring the right side. She stated that she feels the pain in any position she is in. It is increased with movement and slightly decreased by being in a reclined position. This patient is in good health, ideal weight and has had no history of trauma. This patient does not have a regular exercise routine.


Question: Based on the clinical history, what differential diagnoses are you considering?

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