Case History:

45 yo female patient with scoliosis presents with back and neck pain and right arm and hand numbness

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Linda Simon, DC
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The patient states the pain in her back and neck are constant and disturb her sleep. The dorsum of her arm and hand have progressively become chronically numb and tingling can occur at night. Pain and stiffness in her right shoulder and neck as well as numbness into her right arm and hand are her symptoms. This patient has been living with her levorotary tertiary scoliosis since the age of 16 and has understood her curve to have worsened recently from 43 degrees to 46 degrees. She is not on any medications and does not smoke. She has no children. This patient works as a ticket operator for a racetrack and is seated on a stool all day. She is right hand dominant.


Question: Based on this clinical history, what are some of the differential diagnoses you are considering?

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