Manipulation, Mobilization, Technique - Occupational Therapist

Mobilization 201
Joint Mobilizations for the Upper Quarter


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  • List and define the components of the SINSS classification used for an upper quarter evaluation
  • Recall two neurophysiological effects of upper quarter joint mobilizations
  • Cite two indications for performing grade 1-2 joint mobilizations to the upper quarter
  • Identify two conditions that would warrant performing grad 3-4 joint mobilizations to the upper quarter
  • Enumerate 5 contraindications for performing joint mobilizations to the upper quarter State two specific diagnostic or impairment-based indications for performing a cervical distraction mobilization.
  • Summarize the purpose for performing a posterior mobilization to the glenohumeral joint
  • Paraphrase the clinical prediction rule used to determine the effectiveness of cervico-thoracic mobilizations for patient’s presenting with subacromial impingement.

Robert McCabe, PT, OCS

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