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    Athletic Trainer

    Foot Conditions 104

    Achilles Tendon


    • Recognize the prevalence of Achilles Tendinopathy
    • Describe anatomy of the Achilles tendon
    • List 5 signs and symptoms and describe diagnostic imaging for making a diagnosis of Achilles Tendinopathy
    • Explain and outline 5 functional impairments as a result of Achilles Tendinopathy
    • Compare and contrast 3 extrinsic vs. 3 intrinsic risk factors for developing Achilles Tendinopathy
    • Summarize and identify 2 future directions for the study of Achilles Tendinopathy
    • Analyze and practice 3 management strategies for the best approach to treating Achilles Tendinopathy

    Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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