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Massage Therapy

Guidelines for Manual Techniques 103

Revealing Pitfalls and Precautions Hidden in the Musculoskeletal Conditions and Their Medications


  • Define newer musculoskeletal conditions and diagnostic terminology, including M.T.S.S, T.O.S., C.T.S., P.F.S, etc.
  • Differentiate the clinical differences between various types of arthritic conditions, and the different approaches for manual therapy needed for each
  • Describe in clear, concise terms the skeletal conditions significant to the practicing manual therapist
  • Explain the various types of fractures and discuss the appropriate action while casted and immediately after cast removal
  • Define which musculoskeletal conditions would contraindicate stretching techniques, and clarify the technique intensity appropriate for each
  • Discuss the clinical concerns for manual therapies for musculoskeletal-based autoimmune conditions and outline a systematic approach to determine appropriate treatment plans
  • Explain the "wasting diseases" in the musculoskeletal system together with short and long-term clinical expectations for the therapist
  • Outline the pharmaceutical classes that are commonly used to treat musculoskeletal conditions, including spotlights on significant side effects and all contraindications for manual therapies

Bryan Born, DC

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