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Naturopathic Doctor

Manipulation 125


  • Describe the vertebral architectural distortion that predicts spinal imbalances. 
  • Explain the factors involved in the etiology related to the primary components of the proprioceptor-cerebellar network. 
  • Cite the law that establishes a classic chiropractic patient via radiograph. 
  • Compare the classic manual osseous adjustment to Sensor-Based-Technique in regards to risk and effectiveness for reversing the cause of most chronic subluxations: An aberrant proprioceptor-cerebellar network feedback loop, (usually initiated by injury,) sustained through time by wedged vertebral bodies via Wolff's law, involving neuromuscular fixation engrams compensating for unlevel vertebral architecture. 
  • Palpate the tendinous insertions of the paraspinal musculature in the areas of the spinous process tips and identify those areas that show tension, and demonstrate proper cross-friction massage at those points.

Lawrence DelRe, DC

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