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OT Assistant

Rehab 167

Overuse Injury and Muscle Damage


  • Define exercise training and identify the goal of exercise training for athletes
  • List and explain the training principles
  • Define and explain the goals of periodization
  • Describe the cycle types within each phase of periodization
  • Define and differentiate between overreaching and the overtraining syndrome (OTS)
  • Distinguish between sympathetic and parasympathetic forms of OTS
  • Discuss the major hypotheses proposed to explain the causes and mechanisms of OTS
  • Identify components important to monitor during training
  • Suggest techniques to prevent OTS
  • Identify treatment for OTS
  • Define detraining and indicate the factors that influence the magnitude and rate of loss of training adaptations
  • Describe the consequences of detraining on the metabolic system, cardiorespiratory and the neuromuscular system

Rocco Labbadia, RPT

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