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    Occupational Therapist

    AIDS 110

    HIV and Nutrition


    • Explain the difference between HIV infection and AIDS
    • Outline the methods of transmission of HIV
    • Explain why early treatment of HIV infection is advantageous
    • Discuss the basic factors in treatment
    • Assess the individual HIV-AIDS patient for nutritional needs
    • Explain the basic nutritional guidelines for the HIV infected patient.
    • Discuss the classification of nutrients and their sources
    • List some tools that may be used to do a nutritional analysis.
    • Recognize AIDS nutritional deficient syndromes and other co morbidities
    • Suggest some food plans/food treatments for nutritional deficiencies caused by the HIV infection or other opportunistic infections.
    • Discuss  the steps to good nutritional counseling
    • Discuss some nutritional problems that may face the HIV patient and list some remedies for these issues.

    Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD

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