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    Occupational Therapist

    COTA Skills 123
    Dysphagia and Other Eating and Nutritional Concerns with Elders


    • Discuss the increased incidence of swallowing, eating, and nutritional problems occurring with elders
    • Identify the basic anatomical structures related to swallowing and the swallow sequence
    • Relate the physiological changes and the onset of increased age-related medical conditions with the increased incidence of swallowing problems
    • Identify intervention strategies and precautions for improving oral intake and nutrition
    • Discuss the roles of the team members and the importance of teamwork in addressing swallowing and nutritional concerns
    • Relate ideas for managing different types of feeding problems
    • Discuss the psychological and ethical concerns that are present when swallowing problems develop

    Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

    Case Studies
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