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    Occupational Therapist

    Driver Rehab 105

    Universal Design and the Automobile, Wheeled Mobility Tiedown Systems and In-Vehicle Intelligent Transport Systems


    • Explain the universal design principles and application to vehicle design process.
    • Identify design considerations for disabled and elderly.
    • Identify three principles for voluntary equipment standards.
    • Describe principles of occupant protection.
    • Explain the importance of intelligent transport systems.
    • Discuss the importance of efficient user interface design.
    • Compare and contrast a range of vehicles to which adaptations could be made.
    • Explain what types of adaptations can be made to enhance motor vehicle usability.
    • Compare and contrast behavioral models for understanding the process of driving cessation.
    • Recognize options specific to the client's community mobility needs.

    Miriam Watson, OTR, CDRS

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