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    Occupational Therapist

    Driver Rehab 108



    • Define functional ambulation
    • Discuss the roles of  occupational therapists and other caregivers in functional ambulation
    • Identify safety issues in functional ambulation
    • Recognize basic lower extremity orthotics and ambulation aids
    • Develop goals and plans that can help ambulatory clients resume occupational roles
    • Identify the components necessary to perform a wheelchair evaluation
    • Explain the process of wheelchair measurement and prescription completion
    • Identify wheelchair safety considerations
    • Follow guidelines for proper body mechanics
    • Apply principles of proper body positioning
    • Identify the steps necessary for performing various transfer techniques
    • Identify considerations necessary to determine the appropriate transfer method based on the client ’ s clinical presentation
    • Identify different transportation systems and contexts and the treatment implications each system presents
    • Discuss the multilevel role of the therapist in the occupation of community mobility
    • List performance skills and client factors that should be assessed in a comprehensive driver evaluation
    • Discuss the value of driving within this society and how loss of license or mobility affects participation in occupation
    • Develop awareness of the complexities involved in a driver referral and evaluation
    • Define primary and secondary controls
    • Discuss that driver competency assessment is a specialty practice area requiring advanced training

    Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

    Case Studies
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