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Occupational Therapist

Pediatrics 213

Influencing Participation Through Assistive Technology


  • Analyze 3 purposes of assistive devices and services and their relevance to the practice of OT
  • Describe 2 ways that legal mandates influence assistive technology service delivery
  • Outline 3 key components of guiding frameworks and models that influence decisions about assistive technology
  • Summarize 3 ways that teams collaborate to provide assistive technology services
  • Explore 3 ways that assistive technology enhances childhood occupations
  • Examine and describe 3 assessments that are used to evaluate the need for, selection of, and effects of assistive technology
  • Describe how sociocultural differences influence the acceptance of assistive technology
  • Describe the continuum of and interrelationship between no-tech and high-tech solutions
  • Examine how evidence-based practices are used throughout the service delivery process
  • List 5 resources for continued competence in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of assistive technology

Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

Case Studies
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