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    Occupational Therapist

    Pediatrics 223

    School-Based Occupational Therapy


    • Examine and describe how major legislation guides and regulates education for students with and without disabilities
    • Analyze 3 ways that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and Elementary and Secondary Education Act affects the role of OTs in schools
    • Explore which major amendments to IDEA have been implemented over the past 3 decades
    • Outline the major provisions of Part B of IDEA— free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment
    • Describe how OTs provide services under Part B of IDEA, including referral, evaluation, individual education program, and interventions
    • Examine 3 ways that OT services that support students with and without disabilities are integrated into the classroom and across school environments
    • Provide 3 examples of indirect and direct OT services
    • Discuss how OTs under the IDEA 2004, ESEA, and No Child Left Behind Act provide early intervention services and response to intervention
    • Explain how OTs promote school mental health within a multitiered, public health model

    Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

    Case Studies
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