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    PT Assistant

    Geriatric Rehab 109 - 110

    Ambulation: Impact of Age-Related Changes on Functional Mobility, Balance and Falls


    Ambulation: Impact of Age-Related Changes on Functional Mobility

    • Explain characteristics of gait and changes that occur with aging
    • Outline and define pathologic gait changes
    • Define speed, distance and general requirements for functional ambulation
    • Differentiate normal age-related changes in gait vs those resulting from pathology
    • Outline components involved with examining and evaluating gait
    • Become familiar with interventions and develop plan of care for patients with gait changes

    Balance and Falls

    • Understand the seriousness of the problem of falling
    • List 5 risk factors for falling
    • Outline the balance and postural control centers of the body
    • Examine evaluation techniques for assessing balance and risk of falls
    • Outline tests and measures for balance and falls
    • Understand the importance of neuromuscular testing in balance and falls
    • Define and differentiate 5 functional balance measures
    • Become familiar with balance training and exercise interventions

    Rocco Labbadia, RPT

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