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Hippotherapy 101

Know Your Pelvis: Anatomy of the Pelvis with Interactive Dissection


  • Describe the bones that make up the pelvis
  • List 3 ligaments that stabilize the pelvis
  • List 3 functions of the pelvis
  • Differentiate the boundaries of the greater pelvis from the lesser pelvis
  • List and describe 3 muscles that have attachments withiin the pelvis
  • List and describe 5 muscles that have attachments to the pelvis
  • List 5 differences between the male and female pelvis
  • List and describe the nerve and blood supply to the pelvis
  • Describe 4 motions that occur at the pelvis
  • Examine bony and soft tissue anatomy of the pelvis using interactive dissection

Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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