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Rheumatology 102

Chiropractic and Rheumatology - The Perfect Marriage


  • Define Rheumatology and Chiropractic and list similarities
  • Critique some of the downfalls in today’s treatment protocol of the Rheumatic patient and explain why Chiropractors should be aware of this patient population
  • Discuss Integrative Medicine and outline some of the important options for holistic treatment
  • Discuss other health concerns facing the Rheumatic Patient
  • List the steps used in evaluating the Rheumatic Patient
  • Identify some of the tools used for diagnosis and treatment of the Rheumatic Patient
  • Analyze the patient’s symptoms and test values and compare for differential diagnose
  • Evaluate laboratory tests and values used to diagnose Rheumatic diseases and syndromes
  • Select the best imaging techniques for specific Rheumatic diseases and soft tissue syndromes
  • Identify some of the diseases specific issues in a few of the Rheumatic diseases and syndromes discussed
  • Recognize the symptoms, diagnosis protocols and treatments of some of the more prevalent arthritic diseases and syndromes

Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD

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$60.00 USD

Rheumatology 101
Fibromyalgia: Facts, Diagnosis and Treatment


  • Define Fibromyalgia according to the ACR criteria
  • Discuss the history and epidemiology of Fibromyalgia
  • Assess the differential diagnoses, triggers and possible causes of Fibromyalgia and discuss how they can help in the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia
  • Identify several triggers for the exacerbation of Fibromyalgia
  • List the symptoms of depression, grief and adjustment disorder that can be clues for the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia
  • Recall the symptoms of dysfunctional sleep, chronic pain and fatigue that help to diagnose Fibromyalgia
  • Compare some of the triggers that may make pain worse in the Fibromyalgia patient and factors that may decrease pain in the Fibromyalgia patient

Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD

Downloadable Course in PDF

$40.00 USD