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TeleHealth 202
Telehealth and Specialty Visits in the Chiropractic World


• Apply the clinical guidelines for telehealth codes for telephonic and video visits
• Document medical necessity and rationale for telehealth visits according to board guidelines, malpractice guidelines and payer policies
• Recognize the situations for which telehealth coding options may apply and document them accordingly
• Identify what is and is not possible in a non-face-to-face environment

Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC

AudioVisual Course

$20.00 USD

TeleHealth 201

  • Discuss the history and terminology of telehealth
  • Differentiate the types of telehealth applications and mechanisms
  • Identify and discuss telehealth documentation protocols, coding and billing
  • Recognize telehealth regulations and laws as well as its impact regarding HIPAA, informed consent and professional liability
  • Identify the benefits and disadvantages of telehealth
  • Discuss the future of telehealth

Paul Sherman, DC

AudioVisual Course

$20.00 USD