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Erchonia Webinar Get Back in the Game Body Recalibration through Laser Therapy Part 2
6 hrs Live Interactive Distance Based Learning
12-12-2020 10:00 AM (EASTERN TIME)

$114.00 USD

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This is a 6 hour Teleseminar/Webinar.

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  • Summarize the differences between the effects of 635 nm laser and 405 nm laser
  • Illustrate effective protocols with the laser and exercises to support each condition
  • Discuss case studies to demonstrate potential therapeutic outcomes
  • Summarize the results of the level 1, double blind study that showed the effectiveness of class 2 635 nm for chronic pain and inflammation
  • Discuss how inflammation can lead to many chronic musculoskeletal conditions that affect people in the United States
  • Use lab testing to identify inflammation
  • Illustrate treatment applications and contraindications
  • Identify the conditions that respond to laser therapy for support, the research that supports them, and to identify which conditions are either not supported with laser therapy or are contraindicated
  • Aggregate which class of lasers can be used for support and which are contraindicated
  • Generate a treatment plan with lasers for different musculoskeletal conditions
  • Categorize the negative impacts of scar tissue on range of motion, pain, and function
  • Classify which conditions are contraindications and which types of lasers are contraindicated 
  • Summarize the changes that occur in scar tissue and when movement of tissue or a joint triggers pain for a prolonged period
  • Apply low level laser to musculoskeletal injuries that respond well to low level laser
  • Summarize the studies that have been published on PubMed for these conditions being supported with lasers
  • Set up methods and treatment protocols for several conditions
  • Summarize the studies that showed improvement from laser therapy in performance metrics like muscle strength, endurance, and recovery
  • Comprehend the studies that show a 25 to 35% faster recovery for several sports injuries and auto accident injuries when laser therapy is applied
  • Use laser therapy with athletes in the office both for injuries and for performance enhancement by rehabilitating their balance and coordination with lasers

Kirk Gair, DC, IDE