Case History:
42 yo female with neck, shoulder, back, LE pain
Contributed By:
Linda Simon, DC
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The patient suffered a work injury in which a metal 12 foot bread rack fell on her forcing her to the ground. She was knocked unconscious and when awoke was told to fill out some forms and go back to work. This patient describes being disoriented, confused and in a lot of pain all over her body when she awoke. She remained confused, her pain worsened over the next few days and she noticed that she was walking with a limp. Headaches had her very concerned as well and she asked to see a physician. Human resource representative told her she needed to see the company doctors and was sent to a clinic 20 miles away. This patient had always been a chiropractic patient and requested a Chiropractor but was not “allowed” to see one. She did not know that this was not legally true in her state and proceeded to the insurance company doctor. At the clinic, she was given pain medication and sent back to work. 

Question: Based on the clinic history, if you saw this patient initially, what would be the first test your would order?

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