Case History:

65 yo female presents with left posterior medial knee pain leg weakness and hip pain

Contributed By:
Linda Simon, DC
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Hip degeneration, Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, iliopsoas strain, gluteal spasm with nerve impingement, lumbar spinal radiculopathy, medial meniscus injury, medial collateral ligament sprain, sartorius strain, semimembranosus strain, quadratus femoris strain, patellar shift.


Physical Exam Findings:


Weight: 165, Height 5’9”


Lumbar spine evaluation determined slight fixations between L4, L5. Passive and active ranges of motion of the lumbar spine and hip were normal. Her ilia were anteriorly positioned bilaterally. Spasms were evident in the left iliotibial band and left iliopsoas. The gluteal muscles were tight but no evidence of trigger points was found. Atrophy was noted at the quadratus femoris near the knee.


Exam of the knee was normal for valgus and varus stress and A-P glide. Patella alignment was normal and the patella was moving freely. Tests for meniscal injury were negative. Spasms were evident in the left sartorius myotendinous junction at the medial knee. Semimembranosus was normal to palpation.


Question: What is your working diagnosis at this point?

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