Case History:

65 yo female presents with left posterior medial knee pain leg weakness and hip pain

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Linda Simon, DC
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The final diagnosis is Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome complicated by sartorius strain with secondary iliopsoas strain. It is common in postmenopausal women to develop fibrosis in soft tissues from a lack of hormones. Regions most noticeable for fibrosis are the anterior shoulder and iliotibial band.


Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome is caused by fibrosis of the anterior IT Band pulling the soft tissues including the gluteal muscles further anterior. Complicated by an anteriorly tipped pelvis, the sartorius strains as it supports the extra weight added to it by the anterior pelvic tip.

A strained sartorius will further pull the pelvic anteriorly complicating the anterior pull of the fibrotic IT Band. The sartorius attaches at the posterior medial knee. The iliopsoas is strained from the anterior pull of the pelvis. The quadratus femoris has atrophied in response to disuse and the patient not fully weight bearing on the leg because of the pain.


Question: What treatment would you apply?




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