Kentucky AIDS Awareness and Training - Physical Therapist

Kentucky AIDS Awareness and Training 201

  • Outline the history of HIV / AIDS
  • Summarize the epidemiology of HIV
  • Define HIV and AIDS
  • Explain the stages of the disease
  • State how HIV / AIDS is diagnosed
  • Describe how HIV is categorized
  • Explain the CD4+ cell count
  • List the clinical categorization of HIV
  • Recognize the common opportunistic infections encountered in HIV / AIDS
  • State the oral manifestations of HIV / AIDS
  • Compare and contrast the methods of testing for HIV
  • Summarize how HIV is transmitted
  • List the risk factors to transmission
  • Explain HIV prevention strategies
  • Summarize treatment approaches to HIV
  • Classify anti-retroviral medications
  • Describe the challenges caring for a patient with HIV / AIDS
  • Explain the requirements of confidentiality as it pertains to HIV
  • Indicate the requirement to obtain informed consent regarding testing for HIV
  • Summarize the CDC recommendations concerning screening tests for HIV
  • Recognize the reporting requirements for health care providers
  • Explain the need for spouse / partner notification
  • Recognize areas of disability and discrimination encountered by HIV positive individuals

  • Richard Saporito, DC

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