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Anti Aging Certificate Courses

Online CE Offers Anti Aging Program Credits


What is included in the Anti Aging Course?

Continuing Education: 12 hours of continuing education in anti aging

Textbook: The Ageless Advantage: Your Complete Resource for Living Longer Through Diet and Lifestyle provided in E-Textbook format

Workbook:70+ page Anti Aging Workbook containing all forms and instructions to provide an anti aging program to your patients/clients, including recommendations on nutrition, stress management, and exercise.

Implementation Guide: Step-by-Step Program Outline for a 1+ Year Anti Aging Program


Background on Anti Aging Programs

Anti aging is one of the newest and most exciting areas of health and wellness studies. This is because the baby boomers, comprising a significant part of the population, are aging and trying to find ways to stay and feel young. Life extension has increased dramatically in the United States since 1900 and will continue to increase. In fact, it is suggested that life expectancy in the mid-twenty-first century will be 85 years. People are and will be living longer and longer. But people do not want to simply live a long life; they want to live a high quality long life.


Many fatal diseases are degenerative in nature and not solely hereditary. Genetics and heredity typically account for only 10 to 33% of a person's physical health status. Therefore we have significant control over how long we will live.


This course presents the factors and influences associated with aging and suggestions for how to possibly slow the aging process. It highlights strategies to living a longer and healthier life. The course begins with aging statistics and then introduces the variables associated with aging. These variables include exercise, stress and emotions, social relationships and religion, alcohol, smoking, antioxidants and their role in relationship to cancer and heart disease, food quantity and weight control, diet types, habits and patterns, anti aging foods and beverages such as fruits, vegetables, garlic, fish, grains, nuts, legumes, soy, chocolate, yogurt, water, wine and tea. There is a discussion on nutrient deficiencies and hormones that also may affect aging.


Once the course is completed, you will receive the anti aging manual and outline, tools that will allow you to administer an anti aging program.


This course may be taken by allied health professions including but not limited to massage therapists, chiropractic physicians, athletic trainers, chiropractic assistants, occupational therapists/assistants, and physical therapists/assistants.


Anti Aging Certificate Request Form

If you have completed the program and want to request a frameable Anti Aging Certificate, please click here to print the form to order the certificate.


Course Details

This course includes a 12 hour continuing education program, E-textbook, and a 70+ page Anti Aging Workbook that contains all the forms and instructions to implement an Anti Aging Program, along with a one year step-by-step implementation guide.

Credit Hours: 12

Course Cost: $395 (Please Note: This course is not available for purchase using discounted prepaid credits)

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Educational Objectives:

  1. Explain basic concepts of health
  2. Identify the health spectrum
  3. Investigate the various facts associated with aging
  4. Determine the difference between sickly aging and normal aging
  5. Investigate the various theories of aging
  6. Recognize the most common theory of aging
  7. Determine the risks associated with being sedentary
  8. Identify the effect of exercise on the cardiovascular system
  9. Describe how exercise affects cholesterol and cancer
  10. Examine the various components of an exercise program
  11. Identify which exercises are best for health and longevity
  12. Investigate the relationship between exercise and antioxidants
  13. Recognize basic concepts of stress
  14. Explain how stress and other emotions can cause disease and ill health
  15. Determine the relationship between nutrition and stress
  16. Differentiate the relationship between various stress-reducing techniques
  17. Identify how social relationships, religion and prayer can affect health and aging
  18. Investigate the negative and positive factors of consuming alcohol
  19. Recognize how alcohol affects nutrition
  20. Identify how smoking affects health
  21. Identify the relationship between nutrition and smoking
  22. Investigate the relationship between second-hand smoke and nutrition
  23. Identify various smoking cessation techniques
  24. Identify the role of antioxidants and free radicals
  25. Examine the relationship between antioxidants and heart disease
  26. Determine the relationship between diet, cancer, and the environment
  27. Identify various antioxidants that can affect cancer
  28. Describe how caloric restriction affects longevity
  29. Explore basic concepts of weight control and obesity
  30. Recognize how obesity affects overall health and promotes disease
  31. Identify various dietary patterns and habits
  32. Determine how diet patterns affect health and promote disease
  33. Explore the typical American diet pattern
  34. Review the vegetarian diet pattern
  35. Analyze the Mediterranean diet pattern and its components
  36. Identify why fruits and vegetables are anti-aging foods
  37. Determine how fruits and vegetables offer health benefits
  38. Select what components of fish have positive effects on health
  39. Investigate how fish affects cardiovascular disease and cancer
  40. Identify how garlic affects health and inhibits disease
  41. Demonstrate the role grains have in health and longevity
  42. Explain the basics of fiber and how it can affect health and disease
  43. Identify how nuts can positively affect health and decrease disease
  44. Investigate how legumes and soy can affect heart disease
  45. Relate how legumes and soy can affect cancer
  46. Recognize the beneficial components of yogurt
  47. Identify how yogurt can affect the immune system
  48. Define what prebiotics are and how they affect health
  49. Describe how chocolate can promote health and longevity
  50. Explore how tea can positively affect health and decrease disease risk
  51. Identify what the beneficial components of wine are
  52. Determine the how and when of wine consumption
  53. Explain basic concepts of water and signs of dehydration
  54. List how water affects disease and promotes health
  55. Identify who is susceptible to nutrient deficiencies
  56. Determine the relationship between a daily multiple vitamin and health
  57. Analyze how growth hormone can promote health and possibly slow aging
  58. Explain the risk versus benefit of using testosterone and melatonin
  59. Recognize the role of DHEA and DHEA-S on health and longevity
  60. Identify the main concepts of an anti-aging strategy

Course Layout:

We use the mastery system of education. At the end of each lesson there are interactive quiz questions to ensure you understand key points from the lesson. These quizzes are provided to give you confidence that you have absorbed the information. You must answer all questions correctly before our system will let you proceed to the next lesson. Answer all multiple choice questions and then click on the submit button. The system instantaneously evaluates your answers. If you get all the answers correct, the system lets you proceed. If you answer any of the questions incorrectly, the system will revisit those questions to let you try again until all of your answers are correct.