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Course Categories for Profession: Acupuncture
Category Instructors
Abuse - Child and Elder Richard Saporito, DC
Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Michael Megehee, DC
Acupuncture Ivo Waerlop, DC - James Ventresca, DOM
Acupuncture - Acupoint System Jeff Swift, DC, DABCN
AIDS and Infectious Disease Brett Kinsler, DC - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD
Boundary Training - Patient Communications Brett Kinsler, DC
Emergency Procedures Brett Kinsler, DC
Ethics for Professionals Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Richard Saporito, DC
FAA BasicMed Physician Training Michael Megehee, DC
Homeopathy Richard Powers, DC
Illinois Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Angelica Redleaf, DC
Risk Management and Malpractice Peter Van Tyle, Esq
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Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters for Initial Licensure 
Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 301 - 304 Acupuncture 219 - Sterilization and Contraindication of Needling -

Needle Sterilization, Contraindication and Complications of Needling

Acupuncture 220 - Acupuncture for Trigger Points -

Trigger Points: Search, Find and Treat

Acupuncture 437a - 440a - Acupuncture Microsystems Group - Acupuncture Microsystems Group
Acupuncture The Major Elements AIDS 105a - Electroacupuncture and HIV -

Bioelectromagnetic Therapies for HIV/AIDS

AIDS 106a - 108a - Facts for Safely working with HIV Patients -

HIV Facts and Information, Information for Health Care Workers

AIDS 109a - Safety in Understanding the Spread of AIDS -

AIDS: Clinical Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

AIDS 115a - HIV AIDS: Principles and Practice - HIV AIDS: Principles and Practice Anatomical Aspects Related to Muscle and Nerve as it Pertains to the Application of Acupuncture 
Emergency Procedures 101a - Safely Handling Common Emergencies -

Preparing for Common Medical Emergencies

Emergency Procedures 102a - Creating a Safer Office Environment -

Developing an Emergency Preparedness Manual for Your Office and Review CPR Changes

Emergency Procedures 103a - Safely Handling a Variety of Common Issues -

Preparing for Altered Mental Status, Burns and Allergic Reactions

Ethics and Aging 201a - The History of Ethics and Aging - Challenges to the Received View
Ethics and Aging 202a - Aging and the Aged Body - Aging and the Aged Body Ethics for Professionals 101a: Morality and Ethics in Professional Practice 
Ethics for Professionals 102a: Ethical Problems, Ethical Distress and Ethical Dilemmas Ethics for Professionals 103a: The Analysis of Ethical Problems in Professional Life 
Ethics for Professionals 104a: Ethics of Confidential Information Ethics for Professionals 105a: Informed Consent 
FAA BasicMed Physician Training Homeopathy 201 - Acute Care Homeopathy for Knee Injuries -

Acute Care Homeopathy for Knee Injuries

Homeostatic Acupuncture Points Illinois Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - Sexual Harassment: A Challenge and an Opportunity
Infectious Disease 101a - Safety through Decontamination -

Evidence Based Decontamination for Manual Providers

Needle Manipulation Theories 
Neurology of Acupuncture Patient Communications 201a-Improving Clinical Encounters -

Improving Patient-Provider Communications

Patient Communications 202a - Avoiding Pitfalls of Stereotyping - Age, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status Patient Communications 203a - Dealing with Patient Dishonesty - Detecting Dishonesty: Why Our Patients Lie and What To Do About It
Points and Acupuncture Points You Should Know Qi and The Pertinent Pericardium 
Ren Mai, Du Mai, Liver 14 and Pulse Diagnosis Risk 120a - Creating a Safe Office thru Risk Management 
Risk 122a: Malpractice and Safety Issues Unique to Treating Athletes The 8 Extra Vessels and Extraordinary Meridians 
The Hypothesis of Acupuncture Mechanisms and General Principles of the Healing Process The Neuroanatomy of Primary Homeostatic Acupoints 
The San Jiao Tongue Diagnosis 
Treatment Protocols of Homeostatic, Paravertebral and Symptomatic Acupoints for Extremity Pain Triple Warmer Metabolism and the Vital Substances