AIDS and Infectious Disease - Acupuncture

Infectious Disease 101a - Safety through Decontamination

Evidence Based Decontamination for Manual Providers


  • NCCAOM Approved for Safety 1 hour
  • Understand the terminology of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization in a clinical setting.
  • Explain the basis of universal precautions and its implementation
  • Discuss the latest research and evidence for risk of treatment table contamination in chiropractic and manual therapy offices.
  • Learn the recommended evidence based disinfection methods of clinician hands, tables and equipment for manual providers.
  • Identify the Spaulding Classification System for disinfection and sterilization of patient care items and equipment.

Brett Kinsler, DC

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$20.00 USD

AIDS 115a - HIV AIDS: Principles and Practice
HIV AIDS: Principles and Practice


  • NCCAOM Approved for AOM-Biomedicine 2 hours
  • Summarize the biology and transmission of HIV/AIDS
  • Describe the clinical and serological progression of HIV/AIDS
  • Outline the diagnosis and follow up monitoring for HIV/AIDS
  • Produce a synopsis of the medical management of HIV/AIDS
  • Identify the 5 classes of HAART medications and their mechanism of action
  • Recognize the interactions of vitamins and nutrients with the various classes of HIV medications
  • Identify therapies to address constitutional symptoms, medication side effects, and symptoms of immunosuppression
  • List homeopathic and botanicals that have demonstrated effectiveness in treating HIV

Paul Powers, DC, DABCN

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$40.00 USD

AIDS 109a - Safety in Understanding the Spread of AIDS

AIDS: Clinical Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment


  • NCCAOM Approved for Safety 2 hours
  • Assess the historical characteristics and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS
  • Describe how HIV is spread and how it may be prevented
  • Summarize the pathophysiology of HIV infection and AIDS
  • Outline the natural history, diagnosis, and stages of HIV infection
  • Illustrate the current treatment strategies for HIV infection and discuss common opportunistic infections associated with HIV

Dean Smith, DC, PhD

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AudioVisual Course

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AIDS 106a - 108a - Facts for Safely working with HIV Patients

HIV Facts and Information, Information for Health Care Workers


  • NCCAOM Approved for Safety 3 hours
  • Define HIV
  • Outline HIV epidemiology and symptoms
  • Discuss the effects of HIV on health and wellness
  • Review current facts about the HIV and AIDS epidemic both in the U.S. and worldwide
  • Discuss strategies for preventing HIV in the health care workplace
  • Outline universal precautions and additional precautions to prevent transmission of HIV by blood
  • Apply what to do when there has been a possible exposure to HIV infection
  • Define and discuss confidentiality laws covering the medical records of HIV/AIDS patients
  • Define and discuss behavioral interventions for HIV/AIDS patients
  • Outline the screening of HIV-infected persons for HIV transmission risk

Ron Steriti, ND, PhD

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$66.00 USD

AIDS 105a - Electroacupuncture and HIV

Bioelectromagnetic Therapies for HIV/AIDS


  • NCCAOM Approved for AOM-Biomedicine 1 hour
  • Discuss Neuromuscular Manifestations of HIV and Electroacupuncture
  • Review the use of Acupuncture and Microcurrents in AIDS patients
  • Discuss Effects of Massage Therapy on the HIV-Exposed Newborn and Adult
  • Describe how Massage Therapy enhances immune function in adults

Paul Powers, DC, DABCN


$25.00 USD