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Athletic Trainer

Hand Therapy 129 - 130

Common Conditions of the Elbow


Hour 1 - 2

  • Understand, identify and describe the significance of the lateral epicondyle and the common extensor tendon
  • Explain 3 causative factors that may lead to developing LE
  • Identify the main movements or activities that put someone at risk for LE
  • Describe the pathophysiology involved in LE
  • Describe 5 conservative treatment interventions for LE
  • Outline and describe post-operative rehab protocols following surgery and list 3 possible complications
  • Discuss what prolotherapy is, what it does, how it works and what the research says
  • State 2 indications for surgical intervention
  • Outline the basic principles of surgery and list 3 operative techniques
  • Discuss research findings and the efficacy of elbow surgery and the efficacy of treatment techniques

Hour 3

  • Describe the 3 joints that make up the elbow and explain static and dynamic forces that stabilize the elbow
  • Define the boundaries of the cubital tunnel and explain the route of the ulnar nerve as it travels around the elbow
  • List and describe the phases involved in throwing and how this activity places stress on the medial aspect of the elbow
  • List and describe 5 conditions that produce medial-sided elbow pain including presenting signs and symptoms and how each condition is diagnosed
  • Consider differential diagnosis and list 2 conditions that result in anterior, posterior and lateral elbow pain

Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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