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    Concussion 202

    Concussion Stress Cascade


    Hour 1

    • Discuss the Selye Stress Response
    • Discuss the mechanics of concussion that results in the inflammatory response
    • Describe the cortisol cascade response associated with concussion

    Hour 2

    • Perform physical exam protocols in the stress response
    • Perform Neurological exam protocols in the cortisol cascade
    • Apply Chiropractic exam protocols in the cortisol cascade
    • Utilize advanced examination protocols in evaluating the stress response

    Hour 3

    • Perform chiropractic treatment protocols to treat the stress response
    • Utilize nutritional protocols to treat inflammation related to the stress response and concussion
    • Use evidenced based therapeutic protocols to address the cortisol cascade associated with concussion with literature citations

    Evan Mladenoff, DC, DICAK

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