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Functional Medicine 204
The GI Microbiome and Autoimmunity-What Are the Connections and Do They Matter? - Case Studies


  • Utilize clinical decision making related to the linkage and association between autoimmune disease prevalence and individual factors, including the GI microbiota composition, food immune reactions, stealth infections, molecular mimicry, and lack of early diverse antigen exposure, in practical clinical cases.
  • Interpret the available clinical laboratory testing related to autoimmune disease risk assessment, diagnosis, and clinical management, including qPCR molecular-based evaluation of the GI microbiota and predictive autoantibody tests in specific practical clinical case scenarios.
  • Apply the available evidence-based integrative and complementary therapeutic interventions for autoimmune disorders in specific practical clinical case scenarios.
  • Refer to other medical specialists and collaborative care opportunities in complex autoimmune disease clinical case scenarios.

David Brady, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN

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