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    Occupational Therapist

    Ergonomics 102

    Modern Ergonomics: Using Biomechanics, Feng Shui and Common Sense to Make Your Home and Workplace a Safer and More Productive Environment


    • Define Ergonomics and summarize its evolution
    • Examine ergonomic guidelines, especially those for sitting at a computer
    • Assess potential patient/client problems in the workplaces commonly treated in Practice
    • Determine the value of modern sit/stand/ and treadmill desks
    • Educate the practitioner to protect him/herself from injury
    • Discuss variations for patients with special needs
    • Explain to the patient/client how to assess his/her own workspace
    • Demonstrate self-care and self-treatment to the patient/client
    • Educate the patient in proper self-treatments to enhance worker safety and health
    • Evaluate daily living situations for children to prevent future problems and reduce current complaints
    • Realize the underestimated value of Feng Shui, lighting and furniture placement for safety

    Robin Mayfield, DC

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    $38.00 USD

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