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    Occupational Therapist

    Therapeutic Modalities 209

    Electrical Currents


    Introduction to Electrical Currents

    • Define and describe 3 electrical current parameters including waveforms, time-dependent and other electrical current parameters
    • Describe 3 positive effects of electrical currents
    • List 3 contraindications and precautions for the use of electrical currents
    • Outline the steps for application including patient positioning, electrode type and placement and list 3 general considerations

    Electrical Currents for Muscle Contraction

    • Describe the physiology involved in muscle contraction in the innervated muscle
    • Describe clinical application for orthopedic, neurologic and sports medicine
    • Describe muscle contraction for denervated muscle
    • List 5 precautions and contraindications
    • Outline parameters including, but not limited to, electrode placement, positioning, frequency and amplitude for the use of electrical stimulation for innervated muscles

    (This content is NOT included in the Therapeutic Modalities 101 course)

    Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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