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    PT Assistant

    Sports Medicine 230

    Sports Clinics Journal Review: Focus on Hip


    Part I: Capsular Management in Hip Arthroscopy

    • Review normal capsular anatomy of the hip and list the most important structures
    • Explore capsular pathophysiology and list 2 settings in which capsular deficiency may exist
    • List 2 indications and 2 contraindications for capsular repair in hip arthroscopy
    • List and describe surgical techniques
    • Examine and write down 3 outcomes following repair

    Part II: Iliopsoas Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

    • Review normal anatomy of the iliopsoas musculotendinous unit
    • Describe the mechanism involved in iliopsoas snapping
    • List physical findings associated with iliopsoas snapping
    • List and describe surgical treatment options
    • Read the history and describe current management techniques

    Part III: The Etiology and Arthroscopic Surgical Management of Cam Lesion

    • Describe femoroacetabular impingement and list 3 associated characteristics
    • Review the etiology and list 2 factors associated with this condition
    • Compare and contrast diagnostic and imaging methods for potential cam deformity
    • Outline 1 preferred surgical method of treatment
    • Review and describe postoperative care

    Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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