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Question: How do I register with your website?

Answer: It takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Start by clicking on the REGISTER link in the horizontal blue navigation bar.
  2. Select your profession
  3. Fill in all fields on the registration page. Watch the form as you change entry fields for any errors or messages.
    • If the system returns that your license number or email is already in the database, please stop, click on the contact us link and ask for assistance as you are likely already in our database
    • A common situation is if the username you selected is already in our database. Please select another username.
  4. At the bottom of the form, review our terms of service and click on the "I Accept" button on the bottom of the page.
  5. When you see the "Thank you for registering" message, simply use the username and password you selected during registration to login. The page you come to after logging in is called your Personal Homepage.
  6. Always check our FAQ page for quick and simple resolutions for the most common issues you may encounter.

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Question: What formats of courses do you offer?

Answer: We offer courses in many different formats (not all formats are available to all professions or accepted in all states). Simply put, text based courses are text on the screen that you read. If the course is also listed as downloadable, it means the content is contained in a PDF file that can be printed off and studied offline. Audiovisual courses are just that - audiovisual presentations that you can sit back and watch. Anatomical Dissection courses that utilize an interactive dissection platform.

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Question: How does testing occur?

Answer: There are interactive multiple choice quiz questions in the courses. The questions are designed to drive home key points from the course content to reinforce the learning process.

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Question: How do I Select and Purchase Online Courses or TeleSeminars?

Answer: Start by Logging in and Clicking on Buy Courses

Most Common Searches:

Show Online Courses Approved by State - Select your licensed state. Only courses approved in your state will appear on the screen.

Show Online Courses by Topic - Select a topic. Only courses in that topic will appear on the screen if approved in one or more of your licensed states

Specially Priced Course Bundles - Select pre-created specially priced course bundles of courses and specific state bundles

Enter Specific Term to Search Online Courses - Type in a term and search our course catalogue courses containing the term

Show Live Teleseminars - View our upcoming Live TeleSeminar/Webinar Presentations

More Search Options - Select this button to view even more search options including searching for courses only approved in multiple states, search for Courses by Country, Search by Credit Hours, Search by Format, Search by Instructor and Search Courses Approved in Multiple States

VERY IMPORTANT! No matter which Search option you use, when the courses display, please note that under the name of each course, the system will display whether the course is approved or not approved in each of the licensed states on your account. If one or more of your state licenses does not appear, please stop, click on the link in the upper right corner of the page that says "update my account", and add any additional license information.

Placing Courses in your Shopping Cart
No matter which search option you use, once the screen displays the courses, there is a "select for purchase" check box under the name of each course. Simply check all the boxes for the courses you would like to purchase and then click the "Send Selections to Cart" button located at the top or bottom of the course listings.

Checking Out
Review your shopping cart and at the bottom of the form, click on the "Click Here to Confirm Amount due and Check Out" Button. A credit card payment form will come up - enter your credit card number, CVV code and expiration date. Now click the "submit transaction" button.

Starting Your Online Courses
Click on the link for "My Personal Home Page". All courses you purchased will be listed under "My Incomplete Courses". Click on any Start button to begin.


Mail In Payment

We do accept payment by check or money order. Please email and request directions for mail-in payment submittal.

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Question: How do I select courses approved for my Profession and State?

Answer: Please be sure and click on the link for State Approvals. Select your profession and then scroll down to your state to view any information specific to your state.

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Question: How can I update or change my registration information?

Answer:Login and you can update anything in your registration EXCEPT username.

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Question: How can I change my username?

Answer: Due to our programming, you can not change your Username.

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Question: How do I obtain my certificate of completion?

Answer: Login and on your Personal Home Page, Click on Print Certificates. Select a date range and click on the Show Certificates button.


To view, print, or save ALL Certificates of Completion in a date range: Click on the large link that says "Click Here to Save/Print a PDF with all Certificates in Selected Date Range" and a PDF file will open up in your browser. Use the Print icon (upper right corner) to print all certificates in that range, or click on the download icon to save the PDF file to your computer.


To view, print, email or save a SINGLE certificate of completion: Use the View/Print Certificate link, or the Email Certificate link under the name of the specific course.

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Question: How do I review my completed courses?

Answer: Login and on your Personal Home Page, Click on Completed Courses. Find the Course you want to review and click the review button. If it is a multi-part course, there is a simple tool at the top of the page to select parts.

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Question: Does report completed courses to CE Broker for Florida healthcare providers?

Answer:Yes. reports completed course information to CE Broker by the third business day each month for courses completed during the prior month. During January to March in even years, we submit every Monday for courses completed during the prior 7 days. Completed courses are reported for the following Florida licensed healthcare professionals: AT, DC, MT, OT, OTA, PT, PTA. Your Florida state professional license number must be listed correctly on your registration page in order for your completed courses to be reported to CE Broker.



Question: Does report completion of the Pennsylvania Mandatory Child Abuse course to my state board? will submit your completion of the Child Abuse course by an electronic report to the PA Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs on the Monday following the date of completion. The PA Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs then loads the course completion information to Bureau's website where your individual licensing board accesses the completion information. cannot submit this information directly to your licensing board.



Question: What are the reporting requirements for my state?

Answer: Please contact your state/national board for your reporting requirements.

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Question: Why am I having trouble logging in? The site won't seem to accept my username or password?

Answer: There are several things that you need to check. We will work through them in order.

Start by clicking on the "forgot password" link which is found next to the login button.

  • EMAIL USERNAME/PASSWORD - Use this utility if your email address has NOT changed from what you registered with. Our system will email you your password within a minute. If you do not receive it, your email address has likely changed from what is on your registration form.
  • DISPLAY USERNAME/PASSWORD - Use this utility to display your information on your screen. You will have to answer two security questions you selected during registration (this retrieval system is not case sensitive). IMPORTANT: If your email address has changed since you registered and you have not updated our system, you will need to use your old email address to use this utility. Update your email after login.
    NOTE: This system was implemented in Sept 2005, so if you did not enter security questions on your registration, this utility will not work. After obtaining your login information, please update your registration and add your security questions.
  • STILL HAVING TROUBLE? Click on the contact us link and email us to help. We will review your account and email you your username and password.

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Question: What happens if I have to stop taking a course, or I get disconnected from my internet service provider before I finish taking the course?

Answer: When you log back into the site, the course is listed on your Personal Homepage under INCOMPLETE COURSES. Click on the continue button next to it to continue.

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Question: I share my computer (spouse or colleague) and when I try to login, it comes up under the wrong account

Answer: The problem is that one of you saved the password to our system and/or in windows.


There are two things you can try. First, simply try and open a new browwer. You may be able to login through the new brower without a problem.


If that does not work, you will need to clear your temporary internet files, cookies and history (this will not wipe out anything you need, it will just make your browser run better).

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Question: What do I do if I need support?

Answer: Click on the Contact Us link. Fill out the form that comes up and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Customer Care Hours
Mon-Th: 8:30 am – 8:00 pm EST
Fri: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm EST
Sat: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm EST


Be sure to include your username and the specifics to the problem. If you are having problems with a particular course, be sure to note which course it is and what section of the course you are on.

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Question: What type of security does your site use to ensure my personal information like my social security number and credit card number is secure?

Answer: We have secure pages for that information known as SSL technology, which stands for secure sockets layer. You can always tell a secure page, as there is a small lock in the lower corner of your browser window. Furthermore, we do not store credit card information on the site, offering greater security.

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Question: Can I use my Apple/Android mobile device to take the teleseminar/webinar?

Answer: Our webinar and teleseminars can be accessed with current Apple and Android mobile devices; however, we recommend that attendees not use reader-specific devices such as Chromebooks, Nook eReaderss, and Fire Tablets.

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