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Course Categories for Profession: Holistic Health Counselor
Category Instructors
Anti Aging Certificate Program Gary Italia, DC, PhD
Biomechanics Ivo Waerlop/Shawn Allen, DC
Clinical Documentation Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT
Documentation Leanne Cupon, DC, DACRB and Warren Jahn, DC, DIANM (US) - Paul Sherman, DC
Nutrition Dan Schlenger, DC - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Gary Italia, DC, PhD - Kristen Halland, DC, DABCA - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD
Nutrition - Anti Aging Gary Italia, DC, PhD
Nutrition And Functional Medicine David Brady, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN
Therapeutic Modalities Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT
Anti Aging Certificate Program Biomechanics 201 -

Introduction to Gait: Pedographs and Gait Analysis

Biomechanics 202 -

Foot Function and the Effects on the Core and Body Dynamics

Biomechanics 203 -

Gait Analysis: Normal and Abnormal Gait and Factors Affecting Them

Biomechanics 204 -

Shoe Selection and the Effect and Impact on Gait

Documentation 101 -

Documentation and Insurance Protocols Related to Medical Record Keeping, Billing and Coding

Documentation 153 - Documenting Bodily/Personal Injury Cases Documentation 154 -

Risk Management Considerations for Documentation

Documentation 201 -

Payment Policy and Coding

Documentation 202 - Developing and Documenting Effective Goals
Documentation 203 -

Documenting the Plan of Care

Documentation 204 -

Documentation in Pediatrics

Documentation 205 - Documenting Reason for Referral: Health Condition and Participation Documentation 206 -

Documenting Reason for Referral: Participation and Social History

Documentation 207 -

Documenting Activities

Documentation 208 - Documenting Impairments in Body Structure and Function
Documentation 209 -

Documenting the Assessment: Summary and Diagnosis

Nutrition 101 - Resistance Exercise and Lipoprotein, and the Effects of Boswelia and Green Tea
Nutrition 102 -

Blood Lipids, Probiotics and the Effects of Bromelain and Tea Tree Oil

Nutrition 103 -

Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Silymarin, Magnesium and Whole Grains

Nutrition 104 -

Nutritional Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease

Nutrition 105 -

Nutritional Treatment for Hypertension, Peripheral Vascular Disease and Other CV Conditions

Nutrition 106 -

Herbal Therapies I

Nutrition 107 -

Herbal Therapies II

Nutrition 108 -

Herbal Therapies III

Nutrition 109 -

Nutrition and the Elderly

Nutrition 110 -

Female Nutrition - Osteoporosis, Pregnancy and Lactation

Nutrition 111 -

Childhood Nutrition - Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Growth and Obesity

Nutrition 112 -

Obesity - Calculations, Body Composition, Diet, and Exercise

Nutrition 113 -

Case Studies in Nutritional and Functional Medicine - Chronic GI Disorders and Fatigue

Nutrition 114 -

Case Studies in Nutritional and Functional Medicine - Hypertension and Food Allergy

Nutrition 115 -

Clinical Detoxification: Part 1

Nutrition 116 -

Clinical Detoxification: Part 2

Nutrition 117 -

Drug, Herb and Nutrient Interactions and Toxicity

Nutrition 118 -

Co Q10: Functions, Use in Performance, Parkinson Disease and Migraines

Nutrition 119 -

Natural Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Agents

Nutrition 120 -

Management of Functional GI Disorders

Nutrition 121 -

Nutrition and Exercise, Muscle Physiology, Training Methods, Weight Training

Nutrition 122 -

Nutritional Support for Alzheimer's Disease

Nutrition 123 -

Nutritional Support for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

Nutrition 124 - Nutritional Support for Cognitive Enhancement and Mental Decline Nutrition 125 -

Drug-Vitamin-Herb Interactions

Nutrition 128 -

Nutritional Support for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Nutrition 129 -

Nutritional Support for Obesity and Weight Loss - Part 1

Nutrition 130 -

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment and Management: A Functional and Nutritional Perspective

Nutrition 131 -

Gluten Sensitivity

Nutrition 132 -

Celiac Disease Mechanisms and Related Topics

Nutrition 133 -

When to Begin a Gluten Free Diet

Nutrition 134 -

Supplements for Exercise and Sport, Vitamins, Minerals, Fluids, Sport Drinks and Antioxidants - Part 1

Nutrition 136 -

Nutrition and the Gastrointestinal System, IBS, Constipation, IBD

Nutrition 137 -

Vitamin D

Nutrition 138 -

Nutrition for Exercise and Sport, Carnitine, Glutamine, DHEA, Caffeine and Ribose - Part 2

Nutrition 139 -

Nutrition for Exercise and Sport, Bioenergetics, Fat/Carb/Protein Metabolism and Meal Timing - Part 3

Nutrition 201 -

The Facts of Life Extension and Aging Theories

Nutrition 202 -

The Relationship Between Exercise, Health and Aging

Nutrition 203 -

How Stress Affects Health and Aging

Nutrition 204 -

Aging and Social Relationships, Alcohol and Smoking

Nutrition 205 -

Smoking, Aging, Antioxidants and Cardiovascular Disease

Nutrition 206 -

Antioxidants and Cancer - Food Quantity and Control and How it Affects Aging

Nutrition 207 -

Diet Patterns, Types and Habits and How They Affect Health and Aging

Nutrition 208 -

The Antiaging foods; Fish, Fruits and Vegetables and Garlic

Nutrition 209 -

The Antiaging Foods; Grains, Nuts, Soy and Legumes

Nutrition 210 -

The Antiaging Foods; Yogurt, Chocolate and Tea

Nutrition 211 -

The Antiaging Foods; Wine and Water. Nutrient Deficiencies and Aging

Nutrition 212 -

Antiaging Hormones; DHEA, Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Melatonin

Ultrasound Therapy -

Ultrasound Therapy