Endocrine System - Naturopathic Doctor

Intro to Hormones 102

Salivary Hormone Testing


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  • Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of salivary hormone testing, its interfering factors and hormones
  • Illustrate hormone metabolism and biochemistry, and identify diseases that are associated with hormonal imbalances
  • Outline the biochemistry of tryptophan and its metabolites
  • Discover salivary adrenal functional assessments and the measurement of cortisol, DHEA and DHEAS
  • Discuss nutritional support for women's health and define the action of phytoestrogens, saw palmetto and zinc on hormone balance

Ron Steriti, ND, PhD

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Intro to Hormones 101a

Overview of All Hormones With Special Focus on Estrogen Dominance, Metabolic Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue


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  • Recall and integrate the function of the individual endocrine organs and all hormones into the diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Identify the causative factors present in the patient that led to a hormonal imbalance
  • Discuss Estrogen Dominance and thus educate the patient
  • Diagnose Metabolic Syndrome
  • Differentiate Adrenal Fatigue from menopause and perimenopause
  • Explain lifestyle modifications to the patient
  • Prepare for the intricacies of treating the hormonally imbalanced patient

Robin Mayfield, DC