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Chiropractic Student

Ethics 101

Ethical Communications


  • Demonstrate the importance of communicating in an ethical manner and what that entails
  • Develop an understanding of what 'spin' is, why it is unethical and how to monitor and minimize/stop it
  • Evaluate the barriers to effective and ethical communication
  • Develop an understanding of exactly what takes place/needs to take place during the provider/client interaction
  • Discover what it is that patients want from their visits to a provider
  • Appraise how to deal with challenging clients and situations
  • Discover how to become a skilled helper by studying the tools of communication
  • Apply listening skills to the provider's repertoire
  • Demonstrate the importance of the impact of nonverbal communication on the caregiver/client relationship
  • Develop, analyze and apply the verbal and nonverbal skills that will help to gather information and support the patient effectively
  • Write an Ethical Communication Protocol (EPC) for your practice

Angelica Redleaf, DC


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