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    Acupuncture 452

    Yin and Yang: A Comprehensive Study of Yin and Yang


    • Interpret phenomena in terms of Yin &Yang
    • Apply the theory of Yin-Yang to Chinese medicine
    • Describe the concepts of deficiency and excess of Yin & Yang
    • Identify phenomena according to the Five Elements
    • Apply the theory of Five Elements to Chinese medicine
    • Summarize the interrelationships of the Generating, Controlling, and Over-acting Cycles of the Five Elements  
    • Differentiate the origin, nature, & functions of Pre-Heaven Essences
    • Explain the functions of Qi in the body
    • Outline the relationship between Blood and Qi
    • Explain the relationship between Blood and Essence
    • Contrast and Compare Blood and Body Fluids
    • Identify the different aspects of the Mind as it is understood within Chinese medical theory

    James Ventresca, DOM

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    $100.00 USD

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