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    Pain 108
    Pain Diagrams, Neuropathic Pain and Neuroplasticity, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


    • Evaluate the test-retest, intra- and inter-examiner reliability of the body pain diagram for determining pain distribution and location for musculoskeletal conditions
    • Summarize the current state of knowledge on neuropathic pain, with focus on how it differs from nociception
    • Review of the current literature regarding the epidemiology, diagnosis and management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    • Explore central nervous system neuroplastic adaptations that may contribute to the pathophysiology of chronic conditions
    • Differentiate symptoms and signs of central sensitization, peripheral neuropathic pain and nociceptive pain in patients with low back pain (with or without leg pain)

    Shawn Thistle, DC

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    Journal Article Review

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