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Naturopathic Doctor

Acupuncture 460

Patterns According to the Three Burners, 12 Channels and Eight Extraordinary Vessels; Shu Points and Categories of Points: A Comprehensive Study of Pattern Discrimination in TCM


  • Identify patterns according to the Three Burners
  • Relate patterns according to the Three Burners to those of the Four Levels
  • Integrate the relationship between the channels and the organs in disease
  • List the causes of channel problems
  • Diagnose channel patterns 
  • Identify the Generating and Overacting sequence patterns
  • Relate the Qi of the channels to a flow of water
  • Explain the importance of the Transporting Points in clinical practice
  • Describe the connection between the channels and the environment
  • Summarize the dynamism of points at the end and beginning of the channels
  • Outline the significance of the regulating, balancing and integrating functions of the extraordinary vessels
  • List the different ways that opening and coupled points can be used to open the Vessels
  • Determine when to use the extraordinary vessels

James Ventresca, DOM

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