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Naturopathic Doctor

Functional Medicine 201
The GI Microbiome and Autoimmunity-What Are the Connections and Do They Matter? Part 1


  • Appreciate the current epidemiologic trends in autoimmune incidence, morbidity and mortality in the Western industrialized countries versus the under-developed world.
  • Acknowledge the importance placed in human biology on mucosal immunity and the massive amount of immune tissue and functional resources dedicated to GI mucosal immune surveillance.
  • Comprehend the linkage and association between autoimmune disease prevalence and factors including the GI microbiota composition, stealth infections, and molecular mimicry.
  • Apply clinical laboratory testing related to autoimmune disease risk assessment and diagnosis, including qPCR molecular-based evaluation of the GI microbiota.

David Brady, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN

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