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Naturopathic Doctor

Functional Medicine 209
Evaluating and Addressing Common Chronic Patient Conditions - Part One


  • Simplify the progressive cause-effect relationship of disease from biochemical imbalances to physiological disturbances to cellular/organ degeneration to disease manifestation
  • Identify the five primary underlying etiologies of virtually all chronic degenerative disease
  • Analyze the most common antecedents and triggers that predispose your patients to disease
  • Devise an evaluation algorithm that efficiently guides your testing recommendations
  • Discover novel in-office testing procedures that cost-effectively demonstrate patients’ nutrient insufficiencies; unmanaged stress; toxic burden; and sleep “debt”
  • Evaluate Heart Rate Variability test results to easily measure and demonstrate patients’ stress adaptability as well as their response to treatment modalities
  • Discriminate the meaningful information gleaned from Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA) testing for monitoring your patients’ health restoration progress
  • Interpret evaluation results to efficiently identify which primary factors are contributing to your patients’ health challenges
  • Prioritize treatment plans that address both short-term goals (symptomatic relief) and long-term goals (correction, stabilization and prevention)
  • Distinguish which nutraceuticals best support patient needs based on history, exam, testing and symptomatology
  • Communicate the functional medicine model of health and disease with your patients with greater clarity and ease

Richard Powers, DC

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