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Naturopathic Doctor

Laser 210
Personal Injury for Busy Providers


  • Recognize areas of risk and liability within Personal Injury cases
  • Identify common med-legal concerns
  • Recognize various important components associated with the Personal Injury history
  • Improve the accuracy and thoroughness of the initial Personal Injury history
  • Examine and document common Personal Injury traumatic injuries 
  • Create a plan to minimize patient risk and improve provider outcomes
  • Recognize the versatility and benefits of low level laser therapy for musculoskeletal injuries  
  • Develop clinical protocols for low lever laser application and documentation for musculoskeletal injuries  
  • Recognize conditions, injuries and symptoms requiring advanced imaging 
  • Apply diagnostics and humanize trauma cases
  • Discover the importance and relevance of Personal Injury case management 
  • Identify opportunities for improved clinical decision making and case management

S. Scott Tauber, DC, DABCO, CPC

AudioVisual Course

$120.00 USD

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