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Naturopathic Doctor

Laser 214
The Neuro-Orthopedic Cascade of Trauma and Whiplash


Hour 1

  • Discuss the etiology, pathophysiology, and symptoms of trauma and post-auto whiplash.
  • Translate how low-level laser impacts inflammation and trauma.
  • Explain modern neuron theory and how low-level laser can optimize cellular communication within the PNS/CNS.
  • Conceptualize how to change the brain and body by using low-level laser and sensory inputs to modify central circuitry.

Hour 2

  • Discuss the interplay between the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.
  • Explain how changes in autonomic function affect the brain and body following trauma.
  • Share relevant research about the gut/brain connection.
  • Give an overview of the neuroinflammatory cascade of trauma and how low-level laser impacts inflammatory processes.

Hour 3

  • Discuss the anatomy/physiology of the cerebellum and it’s integration with the cervical spine.
  • Outline how changes in cerebellar function and the cervical spine affect the brain and body following trauma
  • Explain how low-level laser therapy can optimize structural, neurological, and metabolic parameters following trauma.
  • Create a greater understanding for providers to know how to utilize their skillset to treat complex cases.

Hour 4

  • Discuss the anatomy and physiology of the visual and vestibular systems.
  • Identify how changes in the visual and vestibular system affect the brain and body following trauma.
  • Share mechanisms and treatment applications for utilizing low-level laser therapy.
  • Create awareness around the modern utilization of structural, neurological, and metabolic treatment paradigms for complex cases.

Erik Reis, DC, DACNB

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