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Naturopathic Doctor

Laser 216
Joint and Biomechanical Restoration: Stopping the Pain Cycle


Hour 1

  • Discuss the physiology associated with laser therapy
  • Describe the electron transport chain
  • Examine common cervical and plexus pathologies through orthopedic and soft tissue testing
  • Treat the scapular area using non-thermal lasers
  • Outline a description of electron volts

Hour 2

  • Summarize important factors regarding wavelengths relative to using laser therapy
  • Describe mitochondiral function
  • Recognize damage to mitochondria and appreciate its role in disease
  • Examine patients with potential upper extremity nerve entrapments using orthopedic testing, soft tissue testing 

Hour 3

  • Discuss neuron receptors
  • Explain pain to patients
  • Identify soft tissue structures
  • Summarize the function of progenitor cells

Hour 4

  • Perform an evaluation of the shoulder
  • Perform an evaluation of the elbow
  • Perform an evaluation of the wrist and the hand
  • Perform an evaluation of the lower extremities

Brandon Brock, DC, DACNB

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