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Naturopathic Doctor

Laser 219
Practical Personal Injury


Hour 1:   

  • Improve specific elements of the four PI office visits.
  • Outline the documentation steps of a causation statement.

Hour 2:  

  • Identify med-legal considerations associated with PI documentation.
  • Develop an outline to create a PI final discharge report.

Hour 3: 

  • Recognize and evaluate several commonly missed traumatic injuries.  
  • Create a to plan improve the capture of acute objective findings.

Hour 4:  

  • Recognize LLLT versatility and benefits with PI-related conditions.   
  • Develop clinical protocols for LLLT application in PI cases.

 Hour 5:  

  • Identify and avoid inherent risks within PI case management.       
  • Create an algorithm for case management clinical decisions.

Hour 6:  

  • Discover the importance and relevance of PI co-management.
  • Assess cases for co-management decisions and opportunities.

S. Scott Tauber, DC, DABCO, CPC

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