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Naturopathic Doctor

Management of Common Conditions 202

Lumbar Disc Management II


  • Discuss different types of lumbar stretching and their effects.
  • Define therapeutic stretching goals, protocols and precautions for the lumbar spine.
  • Measure lumbar pain, agility and joint crepitus associated with therapeutic stretching.
  • Apply lumbo-pelvic circumduction training to improve disc related joint mobility.
  • Integrate PreActive therapeutic stretching techniques to reduce lumbo-pelvic muscle tension.
  • Devise strengthening protocols for the lumbo-pelvic region using graduated isometric protocols.
  • Discuss mobility during lumbar traction to reduce disc pressure.
  • Compare static traction versus dynamic traction.
  • Define contra-indications for decompression therapy of the lumbar spine.
  • Apply appropriate lumbar decompression therapy to various patient populations.
  • Demonstrate lumbar mobility training exercises used to enhance decompression effectiveness.
  • Justify reimbursement through accurate documentation of lumbar disc treatment progression.
  • Diagnose lumbar disc conditions with clarity.
  • Select outcome-based assessment tools to monitor patient progress.
  • Illustrate lumbar range of motion and muscle testing deficiencies concisely.
  • Summarize patient status for lumbar mobility, crepitus and pain intensity.

Todd Turnbull, DC

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