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Naturopathic Doctor

Management of Common Conditions 204

Cervical Disc Management 1


  • Recognize cervical disc signs and symptoms.
  • Differentiate disc prolapse from disc extrusion.
  • Identify anatomical structures related to cervical disc conditions.
  • Describe neuro-muscular physiology as it relates to disc injuries.
  • Determine appropriate exam procedures for diagnosing disc conditions.
  • Assess static range of motion coupled with cross-plane evaluation.
  • Analyze dynamic joint motion using outcome-based assessment tools.
  • Interpret manual muscle testing using eccentric break testing protocols.
  • Develop muscle palpation skills and grade muscle tonicity.
  • Interpret neurological tests to determine levels of disc involvement.
  • Design treatment plans based on exam findings.
  • Apply manual manipulation techniques to address the cervical joint lesions.
  • Demonstrate manual methods to reduce cervical muscular dysfunction.
  • Create new muscle memory patterns to correct chronic conditions.
  • Compare pre- and post-treatment findings to support care plans.

Todd Turnbull, DC

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