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Naturopathic Doctor

Management of Common Conditions 212

Concussion Rehabilitation


Hour 1

  • Determine appropriate protocols for patient progress.
  • Discuss tools to reduce vertigo symptoms.
  • Incorporate nutritional support for better brain function.
  • Utilize brain therapy programs to improve cognition.
  • Apply traction therapy to reduce intrathecal pressure.
  • Introduce vision evaluation testing tools.

Hour 2

  • Incorporate gaze stabilization exercises for oculomotor function. Evaluate balance and stability with a variety of tools.
  • Demonstrate balance exercises to improve proprioception.
  • Discuss cardio exercise to stimulate blood flow and neogenesis.
  • Apply cervical strength protocols using graduated isometrics.

Hour 3

  • Apply jaw exercises to reduce TMJ symptoms.
  • Discuss post-exercise therapy recovery strategies.
  • Demonstrate mobility exercises to improve joint function.
  • Integrate therapeutic stretching protocols to improve agility.
  • Illustrate self release techniques to enhance mobility.

Todd Turnbull, DC

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