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Naturopathic Doctor

Management of Common Conditions 217

Acute Concussion Management


Hour 1

  • Describe pathophysiology as it relates to concussions. 
  • Discuss the diagnosis and prognosis of concussions.
  • Review concussion red flags and dangers of manipulation.
  • Understand the health concerns of pediatric athletes.
  • Explore diagnostic tests to evaluate concussion status.

Hour 2

  • Demonstrate non-thrust treatment techniques.
  • Introduce the half-somersault maneuver for vertigo relief.
  • Address cranial nerve lesions with manipulation techniques.
  • Explore sleep strategies for concussed patients.
  • Incorporate nutritional support for better brain function.
  • Discuss cardio exercise to stimulate blood flow to the brain.

Hour 3

  • Apply mobility exercises to improve musculoskeletal function.
  • Integrate PreActive StretchingSM protocols to improve agility.
  • Explain return to lifestyle guidelines.
  • Understand modifying factors for RTP.
  • Compare professional Position Papers.
  • Discuss the role of Chiropractors and concussions.

Todd Turnbull, DC

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