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Naturopathic Doctor

Management of Common Conditions 235
Viscerosomatic, Somatovisceral and Psychosomatic Reflexes: Diagnosis and Management of Common Patient Scenarios


Hour 1

  • Define and apply viscerosomatic reflexes and influences.
  • Define and apply somatoviscera reflexes and influences.
  • Define and apply psychosomatic reflexes and influences.
  • Apply autonomic reflexes to clinical conditions including somatic dysfunction.

Hour 2

  • Identify the general nature of pain and its mechanisms including the physiology and psychology of pain.
  • Describe the effect of somatic dysfunction on the autonomic nervous system and apply this knowledge to the use of manipulative therapy
  • State the definition, location, and identification of Chapman’s points on the body.
  • Express Chapman’s points in relation to the major organ systems of the body.

Hour 3

  • Illustrate Chapman’s points of the cardiovascular system.
  • Illustrate Chapman’s points of the respiratory system.
  • Describe management of Chapman’s reflexes in a common clinical scenario.
  • Critically appraise, and utilize relevant scientific literature and information to assess and improve patient care practices; and, contribute to the ongoing scholarly development of the chiropractic profession

Jennifer Illes, DC

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