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Naturopathic Doctor

Manipulation 122
Upper Extremities Manipulation - Hand, Wrist and Shoulder


Hour 1

  • Review common hand, wrist and shoulder anatomy.
  • Evaluate the hand write and shoulder.
  • Perform physical and neurological examinations and tests related to hand wrist and shoulder.
  • Identify uncomplicated common conditions during the evaluation of the hand wrist and shoulder

Hour 2

  • Discuss evidence-based literature suggesting the practically of manipulation of the hand, wrist and shoulder.
  • Perform adjustments of the hand.
  • Perform adjustments of the wrist.
  • Perform adjustments of the shoulder

Hour 3

  • Describe the impact of disturbances on the determinant factors of health in the structures of the hand, wrist and shoulder
  • Apply corrective and preventative measures to conditions affecting the health of the hand, wrist and shoulder
  • Utilize evidence-based low technology rehabilitative methods to manage patient care of common hand, wrist and shoulder
  • User strategies to address challenges patients have with adhering to rehabilitative programs.

Jennifer Illes, DC

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